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        The grain, the grit, and ethereal qualities are all the reasons we at CDP love film. Think about your parents’ and grandparents’ weddings- they were all shot on film. We want to bring that nostalgic quality to your wedding day and give you something physical to have forever. There is something so special about film. It’s raw, real and unpolished.

        The nostalgic feel of film is unmistakable. When you see a photo taken on a film camera you can automatically tell it’s analog, which makes it truly one of a kind. We aren’t just putting a preset on the digital files. The film stocks (the type/brand of film) we use really matters to us.

        Shooting film is a slower, more intentional process than shooting digital. Instead of just putting in a memory card and clicking away, the photographer has to physically wind the film, focus manually and take the photo.

        One thing we focus on when shooting film is being intentional with every image we take. There is something so unique about the film experience- having a film photo taken is very intimate. We take our time and choose the most beautiful moments as they happen. When shooting digital, our cameras take up to 12 photos per second. That’s not possible on film and that’s what makes it so special. We don’t have 12 images to choose from to find the perfect one- we have one image. We shoot for quality, not quantity.

        Film is a format that has been around for over 100 years and there is something so beautiful about having images made in a format that has lasted that long. We want you to look at your wedding images and feel what your day was like. We want to capture the unexpected moments in a real and vulnerable way.

        The anticipation of waiting for film scans is a beautiful and exciting thing. That means we cannot send out sneak peeks the next day, but that’s part of what makes it so magical.

        We shoot on a variety of different cameras, some 35mm, a 3D camera, Polaroid (a bigger vintage version of Instax) and medium format. Hiring a photographer who shoots on different types of cameras gives you a more creatively captured day.

        If you like our approach to shooting film free to contact us. We’d love to talk with you about shooting your wedding!