Navigating Social Media

These days social media has the ability to make or break a business.  But the current obsession with always being online and putting out content can quickly become overwhelming and unhealthy.  The good news is that you don’t need to follow anyone else's rules for social media, you can decide what works best for you and never look back.  Throughout this section you’ll learn more about the benefits of unfollowing accounts, the freedom in posting whatever you want, and finding inspiration in new places.

Unfollow. Unfollow. Unfollow.

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I know when you read the banner you didn't know what to expect.  This is something that is a little unorthodox in this digital age: make a conscious effort to unfollow accounts on social media.  You want to connect with everyone you can online so why unfollow accounts?

Well, first off, you can cheer on your industry friends without following them.  Text, call, meet them for coffee.  Those are usually more valuable to people than a simple "follow" or "like".

And secondly, when you see what other photographers are doing and sharing does it ever make you feel negative about what your own work or life?  Just remember everyone is on their own path, with different dreams and goals.  You in this moment are doing wonderful things for your business.  You are choosing to pursue your dreams and that alone is something to be proud of.  It may seem like they have the perfect couples and are shooting the destination weddings you want so desperately.  But comparisons to others doesn't help you reach your goals.  If you want to shoot destination weddings or want to be a brand photographer for clothing companies then what steps do you need to take to get there?  Focus on answering that question and see where it leads you!

Post Whatever You Want

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This is a very liberating section. I get excited even writing it.

Don't worry about the "perfect" feed.

It's first of all impossible. "Perfect" is up to interpretation and there's no way to measure it. Secondly it's a way to spend your time and energy on soul sucking things that give you little in return. In order to show your crowd that you love what you do you need to show them images that make YOU feel something. You want to show enthusiasm in everything you do and post. Sharing an image that you think fits with the flow of your feed but doesn't make you feel something isn't worth it. Spend some time marinating on the weddings and sessions that made you and your clients happy and focus on sharing the stories behind that. Don't worry about posting every session or making yourself do a styled shoot that has the latest fad just to stay relevant. Your crowd is out there and they want to see your passion and your heart behind what you do. Basically, you do you. Post what you want and they will come. Your dream clients want to see what you love. Serve the people right in front of you. Look back at your goals and see how many clients you actually need to attract to meet your goals. Is it twenty people a year? Then keep that in mind when posting, they are all you need. You don't need thousands of random followers you just need a specifc number. That should free you up. They are out there waiting for you. Be yourself and they will come! 


People have seen more of my authentic self since I have let go of the need to have a consistent Instagram feed for my business, I have felt more confident in what I'm posting and have actually booked more clients.  Also, spending less time on social media has freed me up to focus on my clients more and live the life I want.  Through my experience I’ve seen first hand that letting go and trusting your instincts will draw in the clients that truly value your work.

Look for Inspiration Outside Your Industry

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This all goes back to "unfollow, unfollow, unfollow".

When looking for inspiration in the wedding industry it is easy to get caught up in trends or what your mentors and friends are doing.  But you want to stand out and march to the beat of your own drum.  Put your phone down and close the internet.  Think about the things that light you on fire.  That make you think differently that make you want to do your best work and gives you fresh ideas.  It could be books, music, magazines or taking a walk in the woods.  Meditate on the things that truly inspire you and fill you to the brim with excitement to create.  Don't forget to do the things outside photography that fill your creative needs like painting, crafting, writing poetry or playing drums in a band.  Through looking outside the photography world you will be able to get in touch with your artistic side with no digital noise interfering.  You are an artist and that is why you are pursuing your photography dreams.  Remember that.  When your ideas are purely from within you are more confident in creating what is true to you and what you will be proud of.


For me, I find most of my inspiration from music. The poetry and storytelling from the lyrics give me ideas and inspiration for my sessions.  Before a wedding I listen to an album that really inspires me creatively.  It gets me focused and in the zone to create my best work.  If you are inspired by a watercolor artist or impressionist then invest in a book you can look through before your session. This also keeps your ideas fresh and new. That way you are creating photos you are proud of.


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