Here are a few apps and resources I use for my business!


This is my favorite way to have a constantly up to date version of Lightroom, Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. The best news it that it just costs around 10 dollars a month. You can sign up two computers to the creative cloud and access your photos on the Lightroom phone app to edit images on the go for Instagram. 


This is such a lifesaver when you are culling tons of images from weddings! You can upload thousands of photos and see thumbnails and previews of the images in literally seconds. If you've been culling in Lightroom try Photo Mechanic. You'll get hours of your life back trying to decide which images to keep and get rid of. The first thing I do after downloading my images off the cards I throw them in Photo Mechanic and cull them.


Squarespace is my preferred website hosting service. It's super simple to use, has wonderful customer service (if you have tons of tech questions like me they save the day) and you can create your own code for customizations as well.  


Squaremuse creates beautiful clean templates for photographers to use for their Squarespace website. I used on of their templates for my latest website re-design and it saved me so much time and brain power. All I had to do what choose what images to insert and the rest was a piece of cake!


Follow this link to receive 20% off your first year.  If you want your client's information, contracts, shooting schedule and payments all in one place Honeybook is for you. At first I didn't want to go with Honeybook because of the price but boy am I thankful I took the leap. I feel so good about the experience my clients are receiving. Another perk is it gives my clients peace of mind to hop on their account and see when their next payments are due. 


MailChimp is the best way to create email campaigns, keep track of subscribers and see the success rate of your emails. You can also customize the email templates to match your branding which is so important.


I cannot say enough good things about this app! You can use the online version or the app on your phone or computer. It has saved my life and kept all my thoughts and tasks  together. With Asana I am able to check in with my goals daily and track my progress on specific projects. I create long term goals with the project manager section. I am also able to add people to my projects and give them tasks to complete. 


I'm sure you already know about Dropbox but I want to talk about using it with a photography business. I use it to send other creatives raw files to go through and cull (I don't do this for non creative clients). I also receive exported Lightroom catalogs to edit with my editing service. Dropbox works well if you are backing up a few photo sessions but I don't recommend using it as your main backup because uploading RAW files can take centuries. Or at least it feels like that. I also upload images from my desktop computer to blog on my laptop. That way I don't have to use a USB and do extra work.


Pixieset is my favorite way to deliver my clients edited high res files! The platform is visually very clean and super easy to use. You can share the images via email or a direct link. Your clients can also order prints through the site with no extra work on your end! Click here to sign up for Pixieset through my referral link.


I haven't mentioned any tools to help a with Instagram yet so here is the only app I use when setting up my monthly posts. I love this app because you can see how your images look next to one another and tell the story of your brand. Through the app you are able batch edit your posts and save captions for when you are ready to post  to Instagram! That saves you so much time and stress about what to post when. It also tells you the best times for you to post to your Insta.  


This platform is so helpful. I love using this as the link in my bio on Instagram. I am able send my followers to specific areas of my sites and to my email campaign. It's super helpful when you have a few different areas you want your followers to check out.


I lovvvveee Adobe Spark Post! This app helps me create branded model calls, ISO posts and text for Instagram story's. Instead of spending tons of time in Photoshop creating a fancy Insta Story you can save so much time using this app. Spark Post gives you customization templates that you can insert your images, text and specific colors into.


You can install this app on your email account and respond to emails anytime but schedule sending them for a specific time. That way you can cross things off your t0-do list long before anyone knows your working. This really helps set boundaries in your business.