Our Style

We shoot weddings because they are one of the most magical things that can happen to two people living on this earth. There is something so beautiful about coming together and celebrating the unity of two souls. Is that cheesy? Oh well, we love it. We love the moments, the happiness and the gritty, grainy love. 

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The day begins..

We start the day by assessing the light around us and the overall mood of the day. We explore the venue and start setting the scene for your wedding. We look at your wedding as a story that has a beginning. We not only want our clients to see photos of them and the ones they love but also want them to remember the sunset they saw when they stepped out, the coolness of the air, the smell of the flowers nearby, and the overall feeling from their wedding. We always strive to take photos that, years from now, transport our clients back to that day. Each image we deliver has a reason behind it. We have a quiet approach to your wedding day, we stand back and soak it all in. Sometimes you won't even know we are there, snapping all the small moments.

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Getting ready & details

We love details. We love the necklace your grandmother wore at her wedding, the shoes you picked out together, and the tie that was your fathers. After we have photographed your venue we gather up your details and photograph them. We will generally have you hold your details because we love the connection between you and your things. While you tie your tie or zip up your dress surrounded by the ones you love, we will be photographing those moments.  Generally we plan an hour for getting-ready photos.

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Couple portraits

We will spend around thirty minutes photographing you both. We will have scoped out some beautiful spots the day of and take you around to them. We can adventure all around and chase the light. Couple portraits are always an intimate time because it gives you both a moment to breathe - away from all the hustle and bustle of your wedding day. We will only take a few formal photos and the rest are you all loving on each other. We pick up the vibes of each couple and run with it, some need more direction and some less. We roll with it to make you both comfortable so you will enjoy yourselves.

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Wedding party and family photos

We allocate around thirty minutes for photographing you and your wedding parties; separately and together. We also take individual photos of you and each party member on your side. 

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During the ceremony we document everything that is happening around us. The crying, the laughter, the happiness. We do not direct anything during this time and will circle around the ceremony site using long lenses in order to stay out of the way while authentically capturing the moments. Directly after the ceremony I have the officiant announce for the family to stay for family formals.

We allot around 30 minutes to complete the only formal photos of the day. These are the photos of loved ones that couples always treasure. We capture many candid interactions during the day but family formals are the ones that are equally important as the candids. They are timeless and happy.


It's party time! This ends all formal photos and we just photograph all the moments that unfold. We use a mixture of flash and no flash, depending on the mood of the party.

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How we edit

What you see on our site is always a clear indication of our editing style but we wanted to break it down for you. Around 75% of your final gallery are b&w and around 25% is color. We edit based on how the day felt. Quiet composed or loud and bright - we will edit to reflect the feel of your day. Our editing style is emotional and vivid. 

Our Ideal Clients

Our ideal client is one who trusts us to capture the emotions of their day. We have shot over 200 weddings. We know how to handle just about every wedding situation. Trust us, we've seen it all. We have spent six years honing our skills and style to express the feelings you have on your wedding day.

Our ideal clients don't worry about the little things, don't stress about the dress getting dirty, and know that their wedding is just the beginning on a new and exciting adventure.

Our Philosophy

We are all about looking at weddings differently and working with clients who start new traditions for their wedding. We’re all about diverse and same sex weddings. LOVE IS LOVE. As feminists, we want to work with couples who aren't afraid to break the mold. Our heart is entirely invested in photography, we live and breathe it all. We believe in capturing moments that unfold in your life, the really freaking special ones. Your wedding is more than just a simple day and we want to tell the story that led up to those moments.

Our style is documentary and focused on real emotion.

We want to work with open minded couples who value beautiful, authentic images and have an artistic flair.  We would never turn anyone away for who they are.

Not everyone will love our work and be the right fit. And hey, that's a-ok! We'd still love to hear from you and we'd be happy to point you in the direction of a perfect photographer for you. 

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