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        We truly believe every human on this planet is beautifully unique with their own love story to share with the world & we want to help you tell yours, authentically.

        The story of your love is what moves us and inspires our shoot, we love documenting the day as it unfolds and capturing your earth-shattering love. Your wedding is a day that you’ll remember for the rest of your lives, and we’ll be by your side making sure no moment is forgotten.

        We adore couples who let us in on their most intimate moments. We want to capture it all, the tears that roll down your cheek as your soulmate walks down the aisle. The secret kisses away from the crowd when you’re celebrating each other in a small, quiet way. The dancing that you wish would never end with the most cherished souls in your life. We know all the moments—big and small— are wildly important to capture because you’ll want to carry them all in your heart long after your magical day.

        We don’t just show up and click a button. We dive headfirst into your love story so that you have overwhelmingly beautiful moments to look back on for the rest of forever.



        Depending on the availability of our team and your preference of film or digital photos, one of our talented photographers would be honored to shoot your wedding. With each photographer at CDP, you will receive the full CDP experience, care, and beautiful heartfelt photos. All our photographers have been handpicked to perfectly compliment our mission.


        Human connection is incredibly important to us. We value working with open-minded couples who appreciate beautiful, authentic images, and have an artist flare like we do. Connection and quality are two things we simply can’t waiver on because it’s so important to us that we have those things to ensure your day is captured perfectly. If, for some reason, we don’t think we’re the right fit to capture your day, we will gladly point you in the direction of someone we do think fits your style.


        We are proud to be a team of photographers who value diversity, same-sex weddings, and loving and accepting you for who you are. We want this part to be the easy part of your day by hiring photographers you trust will take the extra weight off your shoulders. That will be us. We’re open-minded individuals who care deeply about you and your love story, no matter what that looks like to you.