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        Planning your family session can be difficult and stressful but we compiled a list of tips to help ease the worry. First of all: Focus on having fun! Play with your children, be yourselves and goofy with them. You can even bring an activity the like to play. This session is all about photographing you and your children how you are at this moment in time. We rarely pose your family and focus on candids.

        Choosing a location

        Consider the time of year- if it is the middle of summer it might not be best to schedule an outdoor session because of the heat. So an in-home session might be best. Fall and spring are the best time to take family photos outside because the weather is so lovely. If you want a field location make sure that there is shade available. As we generally schedule sessions earlier than sunset to accommodate children’s sleep schedule. If you want a more urban location make sure there is shade available as well.

        Make sure everyone is well-fed and rested

        The day of your session plan for your children to get lots of rest and have full bellies so they will be at their most joyful.

        Candids are key to great photos

        Every image we take doesn’t have to include your family looking into the camera. The purpose of having a family session is to look back and remember the fun times you had at that part of life. Our style is documentary so just remember you have the freedom to ignore the camera. Let your children have the space to be who they are during the session, if they are quiet and reserved we will get beautiful images. If they are loud and full of energy, let them run free. We want to photograph your family just as they are.

        Bring snacks and a backup outfit

        You never know who could use a little bribery to get photos or who might be hungry!

        Wear comfy clothing

        We want these images to reflect who you all really are. So wear comfortable clothing that represents everyone as individuals as well as a whole. I suggest wearing neutrals and no stark whites or dark blacks.

        If you have multiple children we suggest bringing a babysitter to help out

        This helps ease the situations when one child wants to be finished with the session and an extra hand always helps.

        Overall we want you to have the most wonderful time at your session and we can’t wait to photograph your family.