Editing Services

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Hannah Adams wrote about our editing service:

"Caitlin is an amazing person, and amazing to work with! I loved that I paid one flat fee, which really helped me budget and add the cost of editing in to my cost of doing business. Caitlin really took the time to learn my style, and was flexible in the beginning when we were trying to find the best way to make it work. She also took the time to apply my corrections, and after a couple weddings, the photos didn't have to be touched by me at all - a wonderful feeling! I would recommend her and Nick to anyone looking for an editor!"


Amanda Allgood wrote about our editing service:

"Caitlin was truly a life savor. She not only edited my images to match my style, but she did it in a very timely manner. I would also like to mention that I had very little knowledge of how to share Lightroom Catalogs and Caitlin was always very quick to respond with tutorials or how-to's to assist me. She truly went above and beyond with the quality of the edited images, turnaround time and customer service. I will most certainly be using Caitlin's editing services again. Keep slayin' it girl"

We know editing an entire wedding can be exhausting so we want to help ease your stress! We have been editing for other photographers for three years now and Caitlin has been editing her own images for over five years. We have extensive knowledge of Lightroom, Photoshop and what makes a beautiful composition. We offer this editing service to help out busy photographers and we edit in your style whether it is dark and moody or light and airy. 


When you send us the culled RAW images via a Lightroom catalog on Dropbox we edit the entire wedding within a week and return it, ready to be exported and delivered to your clients! We color correct, sharpen, straighten, dehaze, dodge, burn and crop the images depending on what looks best. We also remove distractions in the back ground of your images. We recommend around 600 images for an eight hour wedding. That way all your images are culled to your favorites. We will study your work and mimic your style of editing so you maintain consistency for your clients and portfolio.



This includes the edit of an entire wedding in your exact style. We color correct, sharpen, straighten and crop the images depending on what looks best and return it to you within the week!

If you think outsourcing is the right way for you to get your life back feel free to drop us a line here and we will help you get your life back. Also if you're still on the fence, feel free to send us three RAW images to edit for you as an example of what we do! Email them to caitlin@coraldove.com.