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    Film Wedding Coverage
    Photos with an ethereal feel

    What We Offer

    Couples Session on Film

    This is a super special experience with you and the one you love! We spend two hours (the film takes a little longer to set up and perfect) and hang out, take blurry, beautiful, grainy, emotional photos at a place of your choice. We typically suggest a sentimental spot that you and your partner have spent time. Our shoot could be as simple as hanging out in your apartment, getting breakfast at a little diner you love and going to the park. We like to take the session slowly and create memories that you two will look back on fondly. This is our favorite session that we offer. We use a Yashica T4, Canon Sure Shot 35mm and a Canon A1 35 mm camera and a Polaroid Land Camera with some flash and some natural light. 

    You will receive 30 scanned jpegs from your film session.

    Film Wedding Coverage

    This is of our favorite packages we offer. Five rolls of film and five hours of wedding coverage. That includes getting ready photos, couple photos, wedding party photos and ceremony photos. 



    Meet Nick

    Nick has been shooting film for the last few years and it has become a huge passion in his life. He loves shooting feeling and catching moments that unfold. He got into photography through film and he adores the feeling of having one chance to get the perfect shot and the anticipation of seeing the final product. Nick artfully sees colors and pays close attention to light when composing an image.