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        We love love and we want to capture yours, even beyond weddings. This is an intimate experience with the one you love the most in a sentimental spot that means something to your relationship. This could be your home, your favorite cozy little diner, or your favorite hideaway spot in nature.

        We spend two hours together (film takes a little longer to set up and perfect) hanging out, taking blurry, beautiful, grainy, emotional photos in whatever location your heart desires. We like to take the session slow to create memories that you two will look back on fondly. We’ve got to admit, this is our favorite session we offer. We choose the cameras and film stocks that go with the feel of the session.



        We can’t get enough of the nostalgic feeling film brings us and we also can’t get enough of the feeling capturing weddings brings us.

        This collection includes eight rolls of film and five hours of wedding coverage. It includes getting ready photos, couple photos, wedding party photos, ceremony photos and some reception coverage. We use a Yashica T4, Canon Sure Shot 35mm and a Canon A1 33mm camera, plus a Polaroid Land Camera with some flash and natural light so every angle is covered.

        We also have a 3D film camera we bring for some fun shots.



        This is our favorite little mini session we offer and you can choose who you do this session with and where. This session is 20 minutes and includes 8 Polaroid images for you to take home and cherish forever. We shoot a whole pack of polaroid film and you get the physical polaroids as well as high-res scans as a keepsake.


        What cameras do you use?

        What type of film do you use?

        Do you use flash?

        We booked you for digital coverage can we add on film?

        We already have a digital photographer can we add you for film coverage?

        Who will be shooting film at our wedding?


        We use a variety of film cameras. These are some of our favorites:

        Nikon F3
        Canon A1
        Yashica T4
        Canon Sure Shot
        Nikkormat FTn
        Polaroid Land Camera