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    Film Wedding Coverage
    Photos with an ethereal feel

    Nick has been shooting film for the last few years and it has become a huge passion in his life. He loves shooting a feeling and catching moments that unfold. He uses four different cameras and is always ready to

    What We Offer

    This is a super special experience with you and the one you love! We spend two hours (film takes a little longer to set up and perfect) and hang out, take blurry, beautiful, grainy, emotional photos at a place of your choice. I typically suggest a sentimental spot that you and your partner have spent time. Our shoot could be as simple as hanging out in your apartment, getting breakfast at a little diner you love and going to the park. I like to take the session slow and create memories that you two will look back on fondly. This is my favorite session that I offer. I will shoot you in color film as well as black and white. I use a Yashica T4 35 mm camera with some flash and some natural light. The reason I use this camera is because it has  an amazing quality lens and picks up the colors beautifully.

    This includes six hours of film coverage.
    Around a 175 images delivered.

    You will receive 100 prints and jpegs from your film engagement session.

    Meet Nick

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