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        I’m honestly not sure where to start on this session. It was a beautiful collaboration between super talented individuals. Peyton and I decided to create a wedding styled shoot based on everything we want to see more of in the wedding industry. Starting with the getting ready time. We wanted Evan and Veronica to get ready together and spend the morning by each other’s side and enjoying the full day together. We started at Peyton’s family farm and continued the celebration at Tenth Ward Distilling.

        Words written by Evan Snowden:

        Just A Wedding: A stylized love story 

        This piece was a collaborative project between Peyton Olivia of Peyton Olivia Photography and Caitlyn Taylor or CoralDove Photography.

        Together we made a point to focus on the newly-weds and their relationship with each other. This shoot showcases a carefree style of a wedding ceremony. Stepping out of the bounds of conventional marriage procedures allows for non-denominational affiliation, the importance of chosen family members, and the growing genderfluid aspects of a more modern age. When we remove the confines of traditional, we’re left with just a wedding. 

        Moments can be special without having to be gold plated. With living expenses exceeding most wages, this shoot exercises a certain resourcefulness that can easily be replicated for one’s personal wedding ceremony. Many things, including clothing, accessories, and props, were thrift shop finds, DIY creations, or reused items provided by some creative crew members.  

        Like many events, location is key. The first location, where the bride and groom get ready together, was a personal choice of Peyton Olivia. The family barn space not only serves as a working studio, but it’s been a source of great comfort to her ever since she was a child. For the second location, we must thank Tenth Ward Distillery! A local and woman-owned event space, that is not only beautiful but can accommodate a small wedding party with ease. Whether it’s a backyard space or a 5-star restaurant, it doesn’t matter where you are so long as you’re surrounded by loved ones. 

        A big thanks to everyone who came together to make this project a reality! This shoot wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our talented friends! Working together on this project really opened our eyes to the kind of environment we can thrive in. The Intimate group, the local destinations, and the artistic expression made for a perfect session.  As a photographer, we can provide the freedom to be creative and spontaneous and as your creative equal we ask the same in return.

        The flowers arrangements were handled by Pomona, the cake was by created By Chelsea Bloomenstock, the jewelry was provided by Halle Weikert, makeup by Hunter Anne and Video by SRK Video.

        Thanks to everyone who participated in this amazing event!


        Evan Snowden- Veronica Ishii- Halle Weikert- Noah Weikert- Jessica Larsen- Dominique Doucette- Rebecca Rieser- Matt Rieser

        Venue: Tenth Ward Distilling

        Dress: Venue on the Half Shell

        Florals: Pomona Floral

        Models: Veronica & Evan

        Planners: Peyton Olivia & Evan

        Makeup: Beauty By Hunter Anne

        Plants: Dutch Plant Farm