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    The Guide

    When choosing a location think of a place that is special to you both. In-home sessions are always beautiful. If you all enjoy hiking and drinking beer on mountain tops lets go on a hike. If you love urban vibes let's go to a city that means something to you and find pretty light and lovely architecture.

    Suggested Locations: Harpers Ferry, Rawlings Conservatory, Baker Park, Union Station, Glen Echo Park, Gambrill State Park

    The Guide

    Trust Us. We’re super verbal and communicative during out shoot. We start our sessions chatting and getting to know you two. Then we start shooting far away, giving prompts so you all can warm up in front of the camera. From there we will wander around the location chasing the best light and having a wonderful time. Relax and be yourself. We are here to photograph you all being happy and celebrating joy. We want to capture you all sharing moments and showing love to one another, so just relax, enjoy the moment and breathe.

    The Guide

    Grab dinner and a drink before you come. Better yet, take the whole day off and spend time with each other. Make the entire day a date, slow down a bit and enjoy each other! Also bring a playlist of your favorite songs, we’re gonna listen while we shoot!

    The Guide

    Be on time. We always schedule sessions at sunrise or sunset so we are working with the prettiest light possible. Sunrise is lovely and would start just before the sun rose. Sunset is equally lovely and we would start an hour before the sun goes down and shoot a little past sunset to get that blue hour effect. Don’t worry about the weather. We are inspired by all sorts of light and weather. If it's bright sun or dark and moody skies, even rain, we will make some beautiful emotional images.

    What to Wear

    Choosing what to wear to a session can be difficult. We want you to see the final images and know they scream your style, personality and love. We want you to exude confidence. We never stop empowering our couples to be their true selves. This is just a few things to keep in mind to have the most beautiful photos possible!

    Layer your clothing

    The great part about layering is that you’ll have textures and options to switch up your look without having to stop mid session and change clothes. Bring a jean jacket or a vegan leather jackets. Consider wearing a simple tshirt underneath. If it’s chilly out, layer on a scarf and boots.

    Simpler the better

    We want to extenuate the location and the connection you two have so keeping clothing simple with minimal patterns and bright colors are the best choice. Wear clothing you don’t mind getting a little dirty and avoid clothes that might show bra straps or tags and most importantly avoid clothes with logo or branding.

    Avoid deep blacks and bright whites

    Deep black and bright white clothing makes the exposure for the images difficult, and while it can be done it leaves softness to be desired. Off white and dark grey pants pants are the way to go if you want softer feeling images.


    If you wear heels bring a pair of flats to wear when moving from place to place. Your feet will thank you later! Get your nails done and have your ring cleaned. Consider scheduling your wedding hair and makeup trial the day of your session, and you’ll be able to see what it looks like on camera.

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