How to Choose the Right Photographer

This might sound like this is going to be a biased article. But it's not, I swear. Well maybe a little... because I want you to find the perfect wedding photographer for your wedding, but I promise that's it.  Believe it or not I want to find the perfect couples for the weddings I shoot too. Now I don't mean looks, style and budget, etc. I mean I want to find couples that care about what I care about. I want couples who appreciate documenting the day beautifully and artistically more than contrived images. I want clients who find my dark and moody editing to be dramatic and beautiful. I want clients who trust me and my own process to photographing their wedding. It makes everyone involved happy when the photographer and client clicks! \

In the midst of your wedding planning- how do you find the perfect wedding photographer? 

Style: What kind of images do you like? Do you like the photojournalistic approach to a wedding day or more posed photos? What catches your eye when you look at an image? What do you like and what don't you like? Be specific, it's a good thing to be picky!

Philosophy: Since you will spend alot of time with your photographer you want to make sure their ideals align with yours. 

Personality: You and your photographer are gonna be together for quite awhile on your wedding day and the days leading up to it. It's important to make sure this person is someone you enjoy spending time with and are comfortable with.

Vibe: You want to make sure you love the feeling that the photographers photos give you. That includes how they edit. Pay attention to if you like light or dark images more. 

Dive In: Do your research. Look around Instagram and google. Ask your friends who they follow and love. Check out wedding blogs and vendor sites. Reach out to the photographers you love! 

Trust: Is this a person you would trust to document your wedding day in a way that lives on? You want to have a care free day where you can relax and trust that your photographer is catching all the little and big moments. One way to tell if they are for you is to read their reviews and client testimonials. That always gives you an idea of what they are like with their clients and final product! Also ask to see a full wedding and pay attention how they photograph the things that would be important to you. Do they focus more on the details or the moments, wide shots or close ups? Imagine what you would want in your wedding gallery and look for those photos.

Book Early: Most wedding photographers book with a year in advance. So finding a photographer for your date might be difficult the longer you wait. 

Now you have six tips for choosing the right photographer. I hope this helps you make your decision and happy wedding planning! 

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