For Photographers | Why You Should Have a Mentor

Today I'm talking about something I am super passionate about. Having a mentor! I've had one for years and I go to him for support, constructive feedback, encouragement and just to hang out and learn from a professional. Shout out to the amazing Steve Zigler. Literally go drool over his work!

So why have a mentor?

One of my favorite parts about having a mentor is the support system that comes along with it! Owning your own business can be stressful and lonely but finding the right mentor can change your life. I've found being mentored can boost your self confidence, give you a platform to bounce ideas off of and help you strengthen your weaknesses. Having feedback is the best way to move forward in your business and to gain clarity and set goals.

Having an unbiased professional look at your portfolio to give you advice and feedback can revolutionize your outlook and confidence. Also if you are ever experiencing a creative block it's so helpful to talk with your mentor and work through it.

Choosing a photographer whose work you love and admire can help you improve your confidence. Investing in yourself is the best move you could make for your business. We are all constantly learning about ourselves and our craft and in order to make our business' better we must grow as individuals. A really awesome perk of mentored is you can ask alllll the questions you've been dying to figure out. No questions are too small and minute.

So how do you find a mentor that's right for you?

Show the photographer why you like their work and explain why you like them. This helps the mentor figure out what about their work drew you to them and what you’d like to learn from them. Maybe you want to quit your day job and work full time on photography, then you want to find a professional that has done exactly that. One of the pros and cons of photography is that it is constantly changing in terms of technology, editing, styles and social medias and platforms of presentations. You want a mentor who is always aware of the latest technology and trends. Decide what you want to learn from your sessions and tell them exactly what you'd like to learn and grow in certain areas.

I believe an important part of finding the right mentor is to choose as professional that is local. Being able to connect face to face instead of via the internet is so important. You will receive encouragement and explore new ideas that can help you grow more confident in your work. You want to choose a person who will honestly critique your images and give you honest feedback on your work.


Okay now you know my thoughts! Now go out and achieve your dreams. To learn about the mentor sessions I offer check them out here!

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