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Photo by Emily Gude Photography

Photo by Emily Gude Photography

I realized as I was preparing for a podcast interview that I haven't shared my photography journey on my website. So today I want to change that!  My love of photography started when I was ten years old.  I always had a different way of looking at light and the world, and my parents noticed that.  They also saw my fascination with their camera and the photos they took.  So I got my first film point and shoot camera (I still have it) for my birthday.  I would do whatever I had to to get the best shots and  set up the perfect scenes. I loved the whole process; holding the camera, composing the shot, and the anticipation of waiting to see how the images turned out. 

A few years later I saved up and bought my first digital camera; a Nikon D90.  I was so proud and took that camera everywhere.  I went all around Knoxville shooting  anything and everything I could find.  I loved photographing my horse, dogs and cats.  I was most inspired by nature and the environment that surrounded me. I loved working with the space around me and seeing what I could create.  When I was fourteen I hung my photography at a local shop in Knoxville (my work hung there for 8 years) and because of that I was able to save up for more lenses and camera gear. I learned all I could about  photography, I studied famous photographers, practiced composition constantly and poured over photography books, I even joined a local photography collective, that truly inspired me to continue learning and pushing myself.

 The funny thing is that I had a strong distaste for shooting people,  I always thought people were boring and had nothing to offer in terms of an interesting photo.  I'm an introvert and I always thought that it would take more out of me to photograph people than animals and landscapes. I remained in that mindset until college. Little did I know I would fall in love with photographing people.  As I grew up I realized humans have so much to share and photographing people can be so raw and intimate.  I began to value that and discover how important it is for people to be photographed. In the end all you have to save a moment is a photo. So I photographed every person I knew taking them on photo adventures and working on my craft. I started savoring moments more and realizing how important human connection is.

For the first two years of college I was planning on teaching art. I had such a drive to teach but I loved photography more (little did I know the teaching thing would come back into my life). So I switched my major to a fine art degree and from there everything changed.  I got a second shooting job working for an amazing wedding photographer and I fell head over heels in love with photographing people and moments. I felt so special to be photographing people on such a pivotal, emotional day of their life. I found that the photos I have taken are the photos the couple will treasure. That meant the world to me. I adored the idea of creating something that lasts and is valued and treasured. So from there I realized this is what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to focus on the things that really matter, and that was to create beautiful images from moments that happen in time. So for the past five years I have continued diving deep into the wedding world. I started my business the day I graduated college almost three years ago and have never been happier. I have now shot over 100 weddings in my career and see quite a few more in my future :) As I've grown these past few years my style has changed but my heart certainly hasn't. I listen to podcasts, do styled practice shoots and am always studying and getting better. I love what I do and am thankful everyday. 

I have recently launched courses to fill my need to teach and I couldn't be happier teaching photographers who want to expand their knowledge and improve their photography. I am so excited to continue producing courses, shooting weddings and editing for other photographers.

Thank you for reading! I appreciate everyone who has supported me on my photography journey! I am beyond excited to see where 2018 takes me!

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