The Pro's of Having a First Look

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I have had quite a few couples ask me if they should have a first look!  So I decided to make this blog post to help them out. I'm highly recommend them, read on to see why!


Sooo what is a first look?  It's when you and your partner see each other before the ceremony, instead of seeing for each other for the first time walking down the isle.


This post is all about the pros of doing a first look but if you want to pass on a first look by all means do so!  You do you on your wedding day (and heck everyday)!  That said, I am all about breaking typical traditions and creating your own way of doing things! 


First of all, if you are a slightly nervous about your wedding day (which is totally normal) I would recommend seeing your partner before the ceremony.  You can have your first look completely alone, it makes those moments so intimate and real.  I recommend doing a first look so you have that moment alone letting the day sink in.  You are about to marry the person you love and that feeling is something to soak in and enjoy.

My second shooter and I will stand back and use long lenses so you and your partner can have intimate moments. You will look back on that time with fond memories and treasure those photos.

Having a first look will give us more time to take photos before your ceremony!  We can do the family formals, entire wedding party and couple photos before the ceremony and that saves at least an hour after the ceremony.  You will add at least an hour of fun time enjoying your reception!


You don't have to follow any traditions on your wedding day!  If you want to get ready together or have a first look then go for it.  There are so many sweet moments created by getting ready together. You need to do what is right for you and your partner.  You will feel so connected to your person if you follow your own rules. 


So I know a first look can be viewed as "cheesy" but you can do it however you’d like!!  I’ve had clients do their first look in many different ways.  Some have their partner stand far away from them and they walk up, some walk out a door and see each other, face to face.  It is a deeply personal thing so I want you all to mull it all over!


Another pro for a first look is, you are able to have a private moment with each other before the ceremony.  Those moments are the moments that really matter on your wedding day.  By having a first look you are able to walk around freely with one another before the ceremony.  If you don't have one you have to remain separate.  I find that my couples spend so much time together that not spending their wedding day together is so strange to them.  You want to be with your best friend all day, right? 


All that information said I just want to encourage you to break the rules and do whatever you want on your wedding day!  If you're already married, tell us in the comments what you did at your wedding and how it worked for you all! 

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