How To Make Your Wedding Awesome

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Have your details ready to be photographed when I arrive. First I’ll photograph your jewelry, watches, rings, ties, florals, invitations, shoes & dresses. I will take them for around fifteen minutes and come back and begin photographing you.


Please keep the room tidy and try to get ready near a window with plenty of natural light. Don’t be afraid to open curtains and soak in the light. Your makeup artist will appreciate the light as well. 


Don’t forget to slow down and enjoy the moments with your love. I’ll use long lens and stand back so you can truly experience a moment together.


When I’m not taking formal photos I want you to pretend I’m not there. I’m just capturing moments as they unfold. So truly soak in everything around you. I don’t want to be a distraction, I just want to photograph authentic feelings and moments.


I can't emphasize this more. The best way for your best friends and family to soak in your ceremony is to be unplugged. You can make a sign and ask your officiant at the beginning of the processional for your guests to put their phones away.


Don’t be afraid to hold hands during the ceremony and get close, everyone is there celebrating your love! For the first kiss, kiss for at least 3 seconds! Once the first kiss happens and you are walking down the isle, pause at the end and give each other another kiss! This is so I can photograph a happy moment between you, your new partner and your guests! Also this is a nice way to end your photo album if you don’t do a formal send off. If you aren't doing a send off at the end of the night you can consider bubbles or ribbon wands for your guests to use as you're going down the isle.


Family formals can be chaotic but they don’t have to be. First off try to keep the family photos to an 8 group maximum. Ask your officiant to announce that your family stays at the ceremony site so we are able to do an assembly line of photos. I’ll use the list you gave me on the google doc and call out the names. It also helps when a designated family member helps point out and finds specific family members that may have strayed away. When you are making your family formal list you can add the older folks and children first so we can dismiss them to the reception first and they can go relax.


I want to encourage you to let loose and have a wonderful time!! This is one giant party with those you absolutely love! I will go with the flow at this time and photograph hugs between family members, tears during the toasts and guests getting wild. Make sure your DJ or band knows to communicate with me throughout the evening. Eat, drink, and be merry and I’ll capture it all.


Natural light is the best light. But don’t stress about this too much because it’s my job to find the beautiful light. But I do have a few tips and suggestions. For the reception talk with your dj or band about keeping colorful uplighting to a minimum. Of course this is your wedding so if you want it, go for it but it can create odd spots of color on your guests' faces as they are dancing. Choosing a ceremony time can be tricky based on what time of year you’re getting married but just make sure that there is an hour of light left in the day at the ceremony time. When choosing somewhere to get dressed and ready make sure there is lots of natural light to use. I generally turn out the lights in the room and use the window as the main source of light. At the reception use plenty of candles but make sure they are in glass vases or protected so guests won't knock them over or catch their hair on fire!


First off don’t panic, I hear it’s good luck to have rain on your wedding day. I’ve shot sooo many beautiful weddings in the pouring rain and they have turned out wonderfully! Just pick up a few clear plastic umbrellas and we can use those! I don’t mind getting a little wet for the perfect shot!


Give me 30 minutes each for both bridal parties. Also if you’re doing a first look insure 30 minutes for that as well. We can do the first look and couple photos at the same time, then take a few sunset photos at the reception to finish up your couple photos. Please allocate 30 minutes for family formals & full bridal party portraits after the ceremony. 


Remember this is your wedding. You have the freedom to let it reflect who you all are as a couple! Don't worry about doing the traditional wedding festivities if you don't want to. This is your wedding so fashion it however you'd like!


I am overjoyed to be spending the day documenting the moments and having a wonderful time alongside you two!  Relax and know I will take care of you and take the best photos of you on your wedding day. I have been doing this for five years and have see it ALL. I promise you we will make the most beautiful photos.

For now, happy wedding planning! 


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