Exciting News!

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With the roll out of my brand spanking new website I have a few announcements!

Being in the wedding industry for 5 years now I've seen many things that I wish would change about it. There is so much to love about weddings but I found myself wanting to make an even bigger impact in peoples lives. I wanted to do more than just provide beautiful photos for my couples but truly to give back to the community. So for all my 2018 weddings I am giving 5% of the profits to a nonprofit of the couples choice! I am so excited to do a little good in the wedding industry while also doing what I love!

I am almost completely booked for 2018 and absolutely can't wait to see what it brings! 

Another huge announcement: Nick (my bf) is now part of the Coral Dove team! He will be editing weddings for other photographers! He has been editing my photography for years now and I am excited to have him on! Read about what we offer here. Also he will be helping with the courses we create in the coming year so stay tuned for that!





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