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I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jillian as an individual and as an artist. She is such a kind person and has a heart of gold. Also she worked some serious magic on my eyebrows and left her shop feeling sooo good about myself! On your wedding day you don't want to worry about anything and that includes your eyebrows! Below are a few questions I asked her about her work and what drives her. Also you'll hear about Jillian's own upcoming wedding and why your brows matter on your wedding day! 

What got your started in this business?

I've always wanted to run my own business and be my own boss. I wasn't sure exactly how, but when I found out about microblading it just clicked that cosmetic tattooing was a marriage of multiple passions of mine; art, tattoos, business, and helping people to feel good. 

I have a fine art background, and I've always been creative. Since I was a teenager, I've been drawing in my eyebrows and lusting after those beautiful old hollywood brows, like Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly. I had known about cosmetic tattooing for a while, but never thought it was for me, because I only knew it the old school way, and not the natural hair stroke method we see today in microblading. When I saw this new style, I knew I wanted to provide that natural look for others.

 What is the most rewarding part of your business? And what drives you to continue to pursue your business?

Definitely the most rewarding part of Sage is helping people feel better about themselves. Not only do new eyebrows boost people's confidence, but it also helps people who suffer from alopecia, hair loss from chemotherapy, and trichotillomania. I have clients who have thanked me for helping them feel less alienated by these conditions, which feels so fulfilling. 

 How did you start this business and become interested in microblading? Also what did you do before this that led up to Sage Cosmetic Tattoo?

I'm a MICA graduate with a fine art background and experience marketing my own brand on Etsy, at craft shows, and through wholesale. I did that full time with other part time jobs here and there, waiting for a better idea to come along! I knew getting started would be the hardest part. I did research for a while before making any moves. It would be a huge investment and start up cost, and I wanted to do it the smartest and safest way. I attended the most extensive and highly regarded training program I could find, which I had to travel to California for. I studied and prepared for months before taking my first clients here. It didn't seem like many places in Baltimore were offering this type of service, and if so, not legally. The laws in Maryland don't allow microblading to happen in salon environments, but only in tattoo and medical facilities. That being so, I had to get all the tattoo licenses and permits required in Baltimore City, which took months. Once open, I took models at a discounted price for a while to get the word out until I had a stronger following.

What are some good tips for people who get their eyebrows done for their wedding, when should they do it and why should they do it?

It's definitely recommended for brides! Imagine no eyebrow pencil or pomade rubbing off, and your brows always looking good in all the photos, no matter how sweaty or tearful you get! I would recommend getting your first session done at least 3-4 months before the wedding. Start with a more subtle transformation, and build on those brows at the follow up session if needed. You don't want to do anything too crazy to your face before a monumental event! Each session takes an initial week of healing time, but your skin takes 45 days to fully regenerate, which is why the sessions are 5-8 weeks apart. I would recommend 90 days minimum before your big day.

What are your 2018 goals?

I hope to get more experienced with eyeliner, ombre brows and non-laser tattoo removal, which are all services I just started offering. I'd love to feel as comfortable with those as I do with microblading, which is my most common procedure, and no longer new to me. I hope to grow my clientele and be busier and busier each month!

I’d love to hear some about your upcoming wedding, what you are excited about and why your brows will matter on your wedding day

I can't wait for my wedding! I'm getting married in under 2 months now (eep!) and I know my brows will be on point. I'm most excited for my first look and the moment we have after it to take photos. I'm also really excited for the heart-melting speeches. I feel at ease knowing that no matter what I do at the wedding (cry, sweat, dance, rub my face, eat messy cake) my eyebrows will stay on and be lifting and brightening my eyes the whole time. They're not going anywhere! :)

I’d love to hear about your creative experience just in life. That might be too broad but I want to hear about how you are inspired to do what you do! 

When I strive to do or communicate something in life, I always remind myself that there might be a better way to express or portray the message creatively, rather than logistically. I find the creative approach grasps and holds the attention of a target audience in a unique and magnetic way that deepens the meaning of that idea or feeling. To me, it is the superior way to communicate and learn what's inside the minds of others. I love freedom of expression and being able to control my own output, rather than working for somebody else and their rules. Everything I do at Sage is my choice and my creative idea. I love that people respond well to it and tell me what parts of it worked for them and brought them to me. Art being a communication form is what let me to go to art school and study illustration, after my formative years left me feeling misunderstood due to dyslexia and foundational differences. To convey an idea or share a feeling without necessarily using words, but using pleasant imagery and conveying a mood is all the more powerful, and very beautiful to me. Even though art school didn't directly lead me to cosmetic tattooing, I don't regret spending my early adult years exploring the creative mind inside me, because I think it sets me apart from other technicians, and helps me communicate as a person. I love where it has brought me today. 

Isn't Jillian such an incredible human? Check out her work on Instagram here and her website to book her here and get some serious confidence on your wedding day!

Sage Cosmetic Tattoo

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