The Dapper Dj's | Vendor Spotlight

I'm so excited that this month's vendor spotlight is the amazing Dapper DJ's!  I sat down with Alex, the owner, over black coffee and we had a chat about his booming business.  Alex's love of music started when he was young. He began playing the trumpet in school and got into jazz and Motown soon after. Flash foreword Alex still loves music and has been djing for 16 years now. He has grown the Dapper DJ's into a super fun team.  I've worked with him over the past year and I've never seen receptions more fun thanks to him and his ability to get the crowd going and having a great time. 

Not only does their dj booth have a beautiful vintage set up and vintage vibe, they play physical records at weddings which is so unique. They use records and digital songs and mix them seamlessly. Alex loves music from the 20's through 40's and plays them for his couples often. He follows the feel of the crowd and stacks the playlist based on the energy and whats going on the dance floor. I love the organic feel of his music choices and literally every wedding they dj into beautiful party. Everyone has a smile on their face and Alex has the ability to bring both young and old out to the dance floor. A awesome thing about the Dapper Dj team is that they trust in the process of choosing music at the wedding instead of ahead of time. I think it takes so much talent and knowledge of music to read the dance floor and anticipate what the wedding guests want next. Alex is also starting a Dj academy downtown Frederick to teach people how to start learning to dj!

If you want a beautiful mix of old and new music and a wonderful time, you've got to check out Alex and his team. I absolutely couldn't recommend a better dj! 

See their website here! Follow them on instagram here!

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The Dapper DJ'S