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I had a coffee and a wonderful chat with Ace from A Smooth Wedding. He creates wedding films for couples. He has loved and studied film for years so it is clear this is what he is meant to do! His videos are dark and moody and so beautifully emotional. He is a hopeless romantic (something thats very important in this industry!!) and truly lights up when talking about weddings. He focuses on telling the couple's story in such a beautiful emotive way. He captures couple's love so deeply and tells their story in a way that shows how much they care for one another. He documents lovers that are true to themselves, that are passionate, and head over heels in love with each other. His goal at every wedding is to capture genuine and emotional encounters artistically. His films show the love the couples have for each other. Each wedding he shoots he immerses himself into the moments and lets them unfold in front of his camera. 

During the post processing he chooses each song to pair perfectly with the couples day. In his series "Dear Love" he films newly engaged couples and has them read a letter to each other while he films their reactions. Those moments are so authentic and genuine and I know the couples will treasure that video.

Ace is based out of Alexandria, VA but travels anywhere in the world to film amazing couples and I truly couldn't recommend him more!


See his Website and Vimeo for more of his work! Follow Ace on Instagram at @asmoothwedding


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A Smooth Wedding


Check out one of his wedding videos here! I've never met this couple but honesty got tears in my eyes watching this video. I know it is something they will treasure forever. 

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