I am just overjoyed you are here! I assume you have taken the free confidence course and through this course we will be building off of it! By the end of the course I hope you will be able to confidently and beautiful photograph a wedding start to finish with all the tools you would need to successfully do it, on top of take wonderful care of your clients, yourself and have work to share proudly.


So the low down on weddings

Anyone who’s shot a wedding can tell joyful stories of perfect light, happy couples and dreamy venues but also on the flip side tell us stories how the bride passed out, memory cards got deleted and the groom didn’t cooperate. Life is crazy and so are weddings. There are so many things that are out of our control on weddings days I want to teach you to be prepared and in control of your responsibilities and you will be able to relax when thing’s don’t go as planned. Of course I am going to focus on the hard weddings because you would’t be reading this if all weddings we peachy! All in all anyone who is a wedding photographer is a brave wonderful soul, willing to put their heart, time and money to perfect their craft for humans who are getting married. Thats pretty badass! So to start I want to talk about everything leading up to the wedding itself. Starting with your website and contact forms.

Contact Forms

These suckers are pretty important, they not only allow your clients to contact you for shoots they can also deter clients that aren’t a great fit. For instance this is the first part of my wedding contact form:

“We are overjoyed our work has brought you here!

We want your wedding photography to be an unforgettable experience where you and your lover feel closer than you did before. You are getting ready for a beautiful day together and we want to help you remember those moments. We shoot diverse and LGBTQ weddings. LOVE IS LOVE. Everyone deserves equality and happiness. We will stand in the pouring rain and climb mountains to get the best shots of you and your lover throughout your day.

Email Caitlin at Caitlin@coraldove.com

Thank you! We will respond in the next 24 hours!

Weddings start at $3,000”

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I start with a greeting welcoming them to my contact page. Then tell them my philosophy and beielfs automatically insuring that if they didn’t read through my site where I mention my reason behind wedding photography. Also it helps weed out the people who don’t agree with what I am doing and that will save me down the road. I also include my email incase my contact form isn’t working, how long it will take me to respond so I am setting expectations and I also include my starting price so potential clients will be deterred if that is not in the right budget. Of course I still want anyone even if I am not in their budget to email me so I am able to send them in the direction of someone who provide them with the best fitting service. This helps my fellow photographers by getting referrals as well as myself because in the future those potential clients that weren’t able to afford me will remember how I helped them and refer me to one of their friends who is getting married. The last part takes them to my wedding investment page where I lay out more specifics of pricing and expectations.

Below the quote I have a contact form synced with Honeybook (I’ll talk about that later)

I first ask for their name, email address twice, phone number and partners name. I then ask for project date, location and estimated budget. With the budget it is smart to put in what you would like them to spend as an example. I ask them their three favorite movies and what makes their wedding unique. Then I ask for details about the project, how did you hear about me and what do you like about our work. Asking what the potential client likes about your work is beyond important. It shows that your client has done their research and likes specific things about your work. Knowing what they like about your work helps you serve them better. For example if they love a sun filled engagement session you shot, you should try to do a sun filled engagement session for them as well.

I have a much too recent horror story to share with you- my friend referred a couple to me and being the person I am i I just believed that the couple must be as amazing as her. She is my ideal clients so why would her friends not be? So I met with them, booked them and figured it would be rainbows and butterflies from there. But it wasn’t because I never asked them what they liked about my work. Turns out they blindly booked me based of off the referral and weren’t happy with their images. They wanted light an airy edits. They liked the composition but not the editing.