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        Lead Photographer / Owner

        Caitlin is the founder of Coral Dove Photography. She has been photographing for the past seven years and has been nurturing CDP for the past four years. Caitlin absolutely adores the way this company has evolved year after year and cherishes all the memories it’s captured.. Caitlin has shot over 200 breathtaking weddings. She is inspired by natural light, classical art, and vintage film photos.

        When Caitlin isn’t behind her camera, she’s hanging out with her dogs, guinea pigs and horses. She loves traveling, riding bikes, and going to record stores.

        She has a Fine Arts degree in Painting and Drawing and a Minor in Art History which influences all of her work.

        Film Photographer

        Nick has been shooting film for the last few years and it has become a huge passion in his life. He loves catching moments that unfold. He got into photography through film and loves the feeling of having one chance to get the perfect shot and the anticipation of seeing the final product. When he’s not shooting he’s usually listening to records, spending time with his two dogs, and cooking vegan food.

        Nick has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and a master’s in Nonprofit Management. His interest in nature influences his work and is always a source of inspiration.

        Lead Photographer

        Ashley is the other digital photographer on our team and she brings her own incredible style to CDP. She's been shooting weddings for over 10 years, ever since she got her first point-and-shoot Kodak camera when she was 16. She captures your memories and life events with care and honesty,

        Her philosophy "These are your moments. I just get the privilege of documenting them for you. I promise that if you put your trust in me, I'll do everything I can to capture your memories with attention to beauty and light."


        Baltimore Bride, Huffington Post, Catalyst Wedding Co, Equally Wed, Frederick Weddings, Columbia Bride Guide, Sass Magazine,  Annapolis Wedding Blog, Offbeat Bride, A Practical Wedding, Charm City Wed, Rangefinder Magazine, The Mustache Mesa Podcast, Dancing with Her, Marryland Weddings, Plan and Presents: UK Wedding Blog, Rock and Roll Bride, The Anti Bride, Capitol Romance, The Hill City Bride

        Coming soon: Washingtonian Weddings

        Caitlin also writes articles for The Kind Bride, a vegan wedding blog. 


        We use a variety of film cameras. These are some of our favorites:

        Nikon F3

        Canon A1

        Yashica T4

        Canon Sure Shot

        Nikkormat FTn